The use of appropriate mass standards and their correct treatment at all times is essential to mass metrology. Weights are divided into classes from high quality reference standards (Class E1) to those used in industrial settings (Class M3). The International Organization for Legal Metrology (OIML) document OIML R111 specifies the properties of weights of each class and specifies the tests that are necessary prior to carrying out a mass calibration. OIML - R111 Chart can be downloaded for details on weights and their tolerances.

The true mass of a body relates to the amount of material of which it consists. In terms of the calibration of weight it is referred to as true mass in order to differentiate it from conventional mass, which is generally used to specify the value of weights. Conventional mass is the value normally quoted on a certificate and is the conventional value of the result of a weighing in air.

Our laboratory uses world class master weights (Troemner, USA) and Micro Balances and Mass Comparators (Sartorius, Germany) with excellent environmental conditions, for the mass metrology. We are one of the finest laboratories to do E1 Class Weights calibration in the country with very least CMC values for Mass Calibration....

Our Laboratory is capable of calibration of weights from 1mg - 50 kg. Please download the document for the CMC details.

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